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Mass Grading
Since 1988

For over 30 years, Lecon has established itself as one of the leading contractors in flood control, drainage engineering, slope stabilization, and flat work. We have a vast range of experience working and coordinating with architects, developers, and various local government entities. We are able to produce repeated positive results for our clients by delivering quality work on an efficient and cost saving basis.
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Client- Centric approach

We ensure our clients are at the center of our business’s philosophy, operations and ideas. Our strategies are focused upon creating the best experience for our clients and by doing so building brand loyalty.


We strive to be a leading example of safety in our field by implementing weekly safety meetings, magnifying the importance of safety to our employees and taking a personal commitment at all levels in our organization.

Reliable Results

Throughout our many years of operation, we have consistently produced positive and durable results, gaining the trust and satisfaction from our clients.

Team of Professionals

Our staff is filled with the highest level of experienced individuals within the field. We accomplish this through our training process, workshops and ensuring our employees receive the tools and resources to fulfill all projects efficiently and within a timely manner.

Mass Grading

Building conventional site (pads) to unconventional sites (side slopes of channels) to the gross topographic features (elevations, slopes, etc.) and preparing a site for final grading and the construction of facilities (buildings, roads, parking, etc.).

Excavation & Fill

Large scale earthmoving operations – movement of material onsite with excavators, scrapers, articulated dump trucks etc. and offsite via tandems dump trucks and trailers.

Erosion Control & Slope Stabilization

Installation of rock material (recycled and natural material) ranging in size from granular fill to rip rap, hammered sheetpile walls, poured in place concrete channels, and articulated concrete block.

Care of Water

Channel diversion, re-routing of water systems, bypass pumping, construction site dewatering, and dams to maintain care and control of water.


Natural stream restoration, wetland restoration and mitigation, storm water pollution prevention and management.

Construction Phase Services

Bid Phase services, contract award / execution, contract administration, post construction inspection and acceptance, site observation and inspection, construction management, coordination with contractors, developers and public agencies.